Blue Blanket Improv is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to give back to the community through our high school scholarship program and by donating free tickets, special event performances and improv workshops to other non-profits in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you want to inject some improv into your event, please contact us.   

Marc Samuels
Marc has studied & performed improv from grade school through college and beyond! His studies culminated in performance gigs with The L.A. Connection (in soCal) and Second City (in Santa Monica). After dabbling in TV production, film (with Mr. Bill), training monkeys in the Middle East, traveling about aimlessly and becoming lost in the swirling stew we call "life," he eventually settled down in the happy-go-lucky field of medicine as an Occupational Therapist. Marc ran free improv workshops in San Francisco before founding Blue Blanket Improv in 2001. When not working or performing, Marc enjoys kayaking, horse back riding, biking along the coastal trail and being a father.

Steve Ketchpel
Ushering in the Improv 2.0 era, Steve Ketchpl has joined Flickr, Gabbr, and Zooomr in the Great Ultimate Vowel Drop. Stvvv first made his mark on the improv movement in college, receiving many imaginary standing ovations. Fortunately for us, he now finds himself a member of Blue Blanket Improv. 

Brian Ogata
Brian is sweet as honey but you'd never know it from the dastardly characters he conjures up on stage! When he's not improvising before a live audience, Brian enjoys helping people overcome their fears of public speaking, teaching debate to high school students, and producing films.

David George
David the engineer spends his days convincing management that he is knowledgeable about trendy tech buzzwords. Designing AI quantum blockchains for 4D virtual reality is obviously a gateway to improv comedy. David also enjoys running, kayaking, and almost any activity that does not require sitting in a cubicle.

Calvin George
Calvin is a student at Half Moon Bay high school. He enjoys debating and looking for all the marbles he lost a long time ago. Calvin likes to think he can play the trumpet and knows he thinks he can play video games. He hopes to keep performing with Blue Blanket until he goes off to college.

Tim Chingos
Tim switched from Theater to Economics in college to get a job with health insurance. He was rejected by two college improv troupes. Yet, his third ever audition proved the charm and he is happily living his best improv life. Tim does the startup thing and lovingly coaches team members. At night, he's a super husband and doggy dad.

Sabrina George
She did not provide a bio so I made this up...
She grew up living on a boat in the Half Moon Bay Harbor and still eats live fish she catches with her hands off the shore. In her spare time she trains stray cats to ignore people.

Intern: TBA