January 9, 2016 Show Announcement

2016 Resolutions
In the new year, I resolve to:


1.    Laugh more

2.    Support the local arts scene

3.    Support arts education in the public schools

4.    Challenge my brain to accept implausible situations and fantastical characters

5.    See live theater

6.    Do what I like, regardless of what other people think

7.    Understand that I have valuable contributions to make to group discussions

8.    Shout out my suggestions without raising my hand

9.    Volunteer

10.  Go to the fitness studio at least once a month

Seems impossible to keep all ten of your New Year’s resolutions? 
We’ve got just the trick for you! 

Come to Blue Blanket Improv!
Fulfill all 10 resolutions for the low price of one admission! 


We’ll be performing short form improvisational comedy:  audience suggestions will fuel short scenes of hilarity.