February 27, 2016 Fundraiser Show Announcement

2016 Spring Musical Fundraiser (Friday, March 4)

Which nightmare scares you more?
Nightmare A:  You find yourself in front of a large audience.  You have no notes.  They are expecting you to entertain them.  And you’re not wearing any pants…

Nightmare B:  Some bureaucratic mix-up has sent you back to high school.  You’re twice as old as all the other students, have no idea where any of the classrooms are, and don’t know what you need to do to escape.  The lady from the lunch line is giving you the evil eye….

Well, the Blue Blanket Improv troupe will experience both nightmares AT THE SAME TIME on Friday, March 4th at 7:00PM at the Half Moon Bay High School (except the pants part…  We will be wearing pants.)

Fortunately for the BBI improvisers, we’ll have our very own high school immersion experts, as several members of the HMB High Schools 2016 Spring musical will join us as we create characters and stories, defy the odds, beat the evens, and bet it all on black!  They’ll provide the jolt we need to make sure you’re laughing out loud.  And be careful—there may be quizzes!  (What’s your favorite hobby?  Extreme adventure sport?  Famous person?)  Your answers will fill in the blanks to start our scene!

So come on back to high school!  You’ll be rolling in the aisles (if you ignore the campus ban on scooters and skateboards) and you’ll get to see some of rising young talents in Coastside drama.