August 6, 2016 Show Announcement

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“Great laughs at FIT Studio HMB.  See u again?”


Our paths crossed last month when I stopped by FIT Studio on a Saturday night.  You were there, strutting your stuff and every eye in the place was on you.  You coaxed laughs from the audience with your wit and hilarious characters, and had us in the palm of your hand when you were telling stories and performing scenes.  I was shy and didn’t volunteer when you asked, and regretted it ever since.  The guy who did go up had such a blast!  My favorite part was the songs—your clever lyrics and harmonizing.  I can’t believe you made them up on the spot!  I’ve looked for you again every Saturday night since, but you haven’t turned up.  I will see you on the 6th of August at 7pm, right?  If you’re coming, leave me a note at the big sign at Lemos Farm on 92!  I’ll keep my eyes peeled!  


The Skinny: BBI performs short form, improvisational comedy.  Audience suggestions will fuel short scenes of hilarity, each lasting 4-7 minutes, with some kind of twist to challenge the players.  We might be required to rhyme, speak in gibberish, perform in the style of a western, or only move where audience members direct.  The characters, scenarios, dialogue and resolutions are made up on the spot. It’s a challenge for the actors, and a night of madcap comedy for the audience.  Join us!