September 10, 2016 Show Announcement

Trumpeting Coastside Comedy Improv Show


An endorsement from a recent Blue Blanket Improv fan:

“I have seen a lot if improve comedy, and these guys are the best.  You’re going to laugh a lot.  You’ll laugh so much, you’ll be sick of laughing.  They have stories.  They have the BEST stories.  Actually, my stories are better, but they have very, very good stories.  I have decided that when I build the wall, I am going to cover it with Blue Blankets.  And you know who is going to pay for the blankets?  Bangladesh. We buy so many blankets from them that they should throw in some freebies, not just blankets, towels too.  Because when I negotiate with someone, they throw in the towel.  I’m rich from towels—I haven’t paid for a single towel in any of my hotels.  They’ve all been free.  But that doesn’t mean you are free to take them.  That’s stealing.  I’ll deport you.”

While we’re not sure this “fan” ever saw our show, you should come to FIT Studio (50 N. Cabrillo Highway in Half Moon Bay) this Saturday, September 10th to see Blue Blanket players create on-the-spot comic scenes inspired by your suggestion.  Or watch for your chance to volunteer to join us on stage!

The Skinny: BBI performs short form, improvisational comedy.  Audience suggestions will fuel short scenes of hilarity, each lasting 4-7 minutes, with some kind of twist to challenge the players.  We might be required to rhyme, speak in gibberish, perform in the style of a western, or only move where audience members direct.  The characters, scenarios, dialogue and resolutions are made up on the spot. It’s a challenge for the actors, and a night of madcap comedy for the audience.  Join us!