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2015 Auditions

Blue Blanket Improv
Coastside Comedy Troupe Open Auditions

New Year's Resolution: Laugh More in 2015

Blue Blanket Improv has been performing short-form improvisational comedy since 2001. Our coed troupe is looking for a few funny women and men (ages 16+) to join our performance troupe. Our 2015 show schedule includes monthly shows at FIT Studio in Half Moon Bay in addition to festival and benefit events.

Auditions to join BBI will be held January 24 from 11am - 1pm in El Granada. (E-mail sign up in advance required to receive the location)

BBI is a performance troupe, so prospective players should relish the thought of playing in front of an audience. Past acting / improv experience is expected. Weekly rehearsals (Monday 7pm - 9pm in El Granada) will hone your skills, but improv basics (like CROW and "Yes, and...") should be second nature.

Players are also expected to help with marketing and other troupe responsibilities (a couple of hours per month).

No preparation or resume is required for the audition, but please email blueblanketimprov at hotmail dot com to reserve a place and to be provided the address.